Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Vaginal Defense Against the Dark Arts : Part I

I have now introduced you at some length to the innate powers that you hold, simply by your possession of a magic vagina. But you cannot yet wield these powers without training.

Fear not. Here at the Magic Vagina, the single goal is to harness the power within. In our weekly webinar, Vaginal Defense Against the Dark Arts, you will learn not only to recognize, but to wield and utilize this power to your ultimate advantage and in service of lifelong pleasure.

Lesson One: Recognizing the Force

There is a Magic Vagina out there, and it belongs to you

Some women have a magic vagina. You know what I'm talking about; women who always have a hot, smart, sexy boyfriend (or girlfriend); women who seem to have an eligible list of suitors waiting for their current beau to fumble the pass, get drunk and act like an asshole, or otherwise misstep themselves into getting dumped. Guess what? This woman is you.